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Welcome to Reflections Resource Center. Established in August 1998, Reflections organizes self-empowerment seminars / workshops to assist individuals in discovering their inner light, finding their own inner truth and becoming a master of their life.

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Gracy Yap (Nov 17 – 20)

Gracy Yap (Nov 17 – 20)

  To join the free introductory evening, workshop and / or book a private consultation wit...
Teya Estar (Oct 27 – 29)

Teya Estar (Oct 27 – 29)

 Teya primarily works with her Spirit Guides to tune into her clients Higher Self using prayerfu...

Universal Cards back in Reflections now !

Teya Estar (Oct 27 – 29)

Gracy Yap (Nov 17 – 20)


Wonderful Centre it has great energies born from positivity . Especially Ruby doing a fantastic job working selflessly with spirit. Much lov...
Katarina Cooper
Delightful Ruby. Your Center is looking good & I enjoyed your Egypt pics - they took me back to my trip there. Take care.
Dale Rich
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