About Jerry Sanctus

Jerry Sanctus is a natural clairvoyance and clairsentience. He reads energies and frequencies as colours, scanlines, rays or smoke in his “inner eyes”. He gives quick and precise reading on people only by looking, without the use of ordinary divination tools like tarot cards, pendulum or so.

Jerry is also well-known for his Light strokes and Light sketches. In combination with his “seeing” ability, his special hand gestures direct energy in a particular way. As a clear conduit of Light, he can also transfer the higher frequencies into sketches. His Light sketches could be prepared as a protective talisman on paper that repels lower energies and frequencies.

Jerry’s abilities did not come in an easy way. He went through difficult life challenges and immense training from many spiritual gurus. Since the age of 17, he studied with practitioners all around the world on Tibetian Buddhism, Chinese Taoism, Native American shamanism, numerous kinds of energy healing, crystals, aromatherapy, etc.
Jerry serves humbly to the public since 2001, the indigo child is now an indigo adult after 18 years of work. In order to reach more people in need, Jerry’s work is completely streamlined in 2020. Check out the content of this new website if you are interested in Jerry’s services and classes.

The respected Mr. Stuart Wilde is one of the master mostly influenced Jerry. In this new website, Jerry will hold a blog to write about his meditation journeys and spiritual perspectives, which is mentioned as “The Aluna World” by Mr. Stuart Wilde. Welcome to join the journey of “The Aluna Walker”!

Reading session
Jerry works very closely with the Higher Spirits. In this session, he is available to answer any question through his clairvoyance ability. He will tune into your frequencies and higher-self, asking for permission to retrieve the most relevant information at the moment for you.

Stepping into the Aluna world, he will look into the issues that you concerned. Whatever happened in the Aluna world (the etheric level) would highly possibly manifest into the physical world. Understanding what is happening about you in the Aluna world will enable you to understand what is happening backstage.

Prepare your questions. When the session begins, you may briefly explain what you would like to focus on in this particular session. Jerry will start the session with a heartfelt prayer, and gives a quick general scan on your current auric field, any inter-crossing dimensions and frequencies.

You may then extend your questions to a deeper level. Jerry will then plot your frequencies onto paper in unrecognizable language known as “Light sketches”, which is actually pure frequencies. Jerry will promptly read and decode what has been investigated and provide some insight on the issues.

What to expect and things to note:
• You are free to ask any question within the session time.
• You can always go deeper into each question, if you would like more clarification.
• You might be guided into short meditations, in order for Jerry to retrieve a particular piece of information you would like to know, or to release a resisting energy.
• Jerry might talk in unrecognizable language (known as the Light Language), which is the time when he talks to the Higher Spirits. To be exact, it is actually “spoken frequencies” which does not assemble as language. Stay calm and Jerry will explain what has been communicated to you.
• You might be given crystals, minerals, or hand sketched talisman to bring home, if your case needed one of those.
• All the messages are brought to you for your highest good and do no harm.
• You are always responsible for your own choice in life, Jerry acts as a messenger to give truthful and meaningful advice guided by the Higher Forces.

Abundance Exchange
USD 180 / HKD 1,400 for 60mins session
USD 260 / HKD 2,000 for 90mins session


Healing session
Jerry is trained with many kinds of healing techniques, such as Reiki, Native American feather healing, Tibetan Buddhism energy healing, Belvaspata healing, etc. Years ago, Jerry even founded his own healing technique “I am the SUN”, evoking the energies of the Cosmic Suns in our galaxy. After years of practice, Jerry combines all the knowledge and skills that he had awakened and energy flows like water with his special hand gestures.

In this session, you will be completely relax and lying down for 2 hours straight. Jerry will turn the session space into a sacred sanctuary, inviting the Higher Spirits to arrive. Through the assistance of Jerry clairsentience ability, the special hand gesture will open and expand your auric field into the space. All the hidden resistance or lower frequencies will be revealed. Jerry might then chant, sing, clap or sweep through the air, to neutralize any of those energies that do not serve you.

After the healing, your auric field will be properly collected back into your body. Jerry will spare 5~10 minutes to explain what has been done in the session, you may also share your experience. You are advised to take plenty of water before or after the session. Hydration assists the energy flow of your body and magnifies healing.

What to expect and things to note:
• Wear comfortable and loose clothing, assisting energy flow.

• Eat light before or after session.

• Lower energies are also energy of you. Releasing lower energies will also make you tired, which is normal. Get plenty of rest after healing.

• You are advised to stay relaxed but conscious, so you experience fully how the energies assist you. You may also notify Jerry for any discomfort.

• Falling asleep does not affect the healing quality, no worries.

• This is not a reading session. If you have many question to ask, book the reading session instead. Otherwise your healing session might not have enough duration to complete.

• Energy healing is a kind of alternative medicine, which is performed from a good heart and intention. You are advised to follow the instructions of your doctor for professional advice, which is also irreplaceable by any other means.
Abundance Exchange
USD 384 / HKD 3,000 for 120mins session