Reikara – Shamanic Healer / Psychic

Reikara is a natural clairvoyant, medium, psychic healer. She is raised on the outlying island of Hong Kong, having an extremely strong connection with our Mother Nature. Her ability allows her to channel through clear and precise vision and messages, and gives proper advice for your highest good in any situation. Her psychic power is a family lineage from her Mother-line. Since young without much conscious thoughts, she follows her mother and grandma to all kinds of local religious practices, such as offering prayers in full moon and prepare a special energy tea for health and fortune. Through years of these cultural practice, she established a strong connection with the Higher Forces, especially with the Goddess of Compassion Kwan Yin.

Recent years she is also trained in a Shamanic way, to energetically clear away clusters of negative thoughts, blockage, and resistance. She acts as a Light-bringer in life, piercing through the dark moments and allow you to see a bright light on your road.

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HKD980/60mins, HKD1300/90mins

With Reikara crystal clear clairvoyance vision, she gazes into the inner plane and seek for any relevant information that you need to hear at the moment. Assisted with the Higher forces, she gives heartfelt and powerful advice on all aspect of your life. As a sensitive psychic, she might also notice your spiritual connections, such as the arrival of your spirit guides, animal guides or any important connections that you may have. Reikara will act as a channel between the mundane and spirit world, allow you to communicate with the higher beings for advice.

If neccessary, Reikara will guide you into short meditation journey, in order to retreive particular information or to resolve a repetitive or distorted mind programme. She might also provide you advice of using particular crystals or items that will faciliate your transformation.


HKD980/60mins, HKD1300/90mins

In this session, Reikara will bring you into a comfortable laying position and guide you into trance. Promptly your auric field will immediately expand and open in this state. Any negative or unnecessary energies or connection trapped within you will reveal or arrive in the space for clearing. She analyzes your energy and spiritual connection and call for the Higher forces for a Bright Golden Light to heal on multiple levels of your being. Reikara puts her hands gently on your body to flush you through the Divine Light into all your Light-bodies. Your bodies will be illuminated and all the unnecessary forces will begone. She will also cut off all the unnecessary spiritual connections that is not serving you at the time. 

*REIKARA reading & healing sessions cost the same. If you have no idea what you need at the moment, you may book a session and Reikara will give you advice on the go.

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