The Founder of Reflections Resource Center


Originally from Philippines, Ruby T. Ong is an experienced Master / Teacher of the Living Light Energy (Sekhem). She is a caring teacher who endeavours in empowering people with loving compassion. Living and working in Hong Kong since 1986, Ruby operates a spiritual resource center in Hong Kong called Reflections Resource Center. Since its establishment in August 1998, Reflections has been serving as a platform for people on their spiritual quest.

Through the center, Ruby provides practical counselling, healing and teaching. Her words of wisdom always bring people’s awareness back to their heart, helping them to see the truth, thus enabling them to become conscious that they have the power and the Divine right to live life fully with joy, ease and grace.

In recent years, Ruby has been travelling intensively to major cities in China, Malaysia Singapore, and recently to Denmark and France conducting Living Light Energy workshops and down-to earth classes that help people to bring spirituality into their life.


1 – 1.5 hr session (including Reflections Counselling + Sekhem Healing with Selenite wand) HK$1500

What to Expect

Everyone arises from a session feeling very relaxed and with a deep sense of well being. The person receives exactly what is appropriate for them because it is the energy working in concert with your Spirit that creates the healing.

You receive the healing while lying comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner channels the energy by gently placing their hands in different locations on the body or slightly above the body.

Healing is not curing in the traditional sense and everyone experiences something different when working with these energies.

For some it offers immediate relief from physical pain, calm to agitated mind and emotions, or a different way of seeing our problems.  For others the healing is more subtle where in the days and weeks following, you have a realization of transformation inside yourself as well as in your life.  Gentle, yet powerful and significant shifts in awareness along with new revelations occur.

As the energies refill and balance you, you connect more fully to your Spirit and experience the healing happening on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Before doors appeared closed and locked.  Now – new choices are possible and effortless and you are forever changed.

Individual sessions generally run 1 to 1 ½ hours and begin with a time to share and discuss what is going on in your life.  Some people choose to come weekly when they are feeling stuck, or in transition. Others come monthly for a “tune-up.” One session can also be sufficient to reveal what is needed next in your life.

Benefits of Sekhem

Sekhem Healing accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal itself on all levels and at the same time promotes feelings of deep relaxation and well-being.

•Relieves physical pain

•Reduces and releases stress and tension

•Lessens feelings of anxiety, fear and depression

•Promotes feelings of calmness and clarity

•Strengthens the immune system

•Assists and opens us to achieving our highest potential

•Promotes and strengthens intuition and creativity

•Supports during the grieving process and life transitions

•Releases blockages at all levels

•Balances our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies

If you would like to have a private session with Ruby, please click here to fill in the booking form, email to or call +852 2504 1333 to book an appointment!






  • 身體:亞健康、長期病患、外傷、內傷、術後加速復原、炎症、皮膚病、敏感症等等。
  • 心靈:失眠、恐懼、不安、抑鬱、擔心等等。
  • 生活:找尋伴侶、改善人際關係、找尋新工作、需要急財、買樓結婚、改善現在工作或生活環境等等。


  • Living Light Energy – Sekhem古埃及生命之光能量治療 (連諮詢) 躺臥式或坐席式,每小時 / $1500 (連私人治療室及臥床)
  • Living Light Energy – Sekhem古埃及生命之光能量治療 (連諮詢) 遙距服務,每小時 / $1100 (以電話聯絡溝通)

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