About Jacqui Gilbert

Based in South Africa, Jacqui has enjoyed an international following as an inspirational facilitator of personal growth and transformative workshops for many years. She has worked extensively around the
world using techniques of healing, channeling, meditation and energy processes.

As the founder of the Transformation Development Centre and a powerful psychic, healer and channel of Spirit Beings, Jacqui supports people on their journey of personal growth and healing in a safe environment of unconditional love, and joy. She presents specialized workshops, offers private readings, channelings, and healings, accompanies guided tours to sacred sites around the world and has co-authored various books, sharing her gift with love and light to all.

A brilliant clairvoyant and psychic, Jacqui returns to Hong Kong upon special request from clients. She continues to offer her regular individual sessions including tarot/rune readings, transformational healing sessions, and channelings.

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*Note that as a visiting practitioner Jacqui may not currently be in Hong Kong