SEKHEM LEVEL 2 生命之光能量課程 – 古埃及能量療癒法

Living Light Energy (Sekhem)




with Ruby T.  Ong

Master Teacher


Living Light Energy (Sekhem) is a powerful ancient Egyptian vibrational healing modality.  

Liiving Light Energy works on all the physical, mental, emotional and subtle spiritual bodies at the same time.  There is completeness to Living Light Energy that goes way beyond other systems.  It works at the soul level. Because of its power, thought forms and intention activate it consciously.  Also the energy can be directed, its intensity controlled and varied at will.


The focus of the Level Two workshop is to deepen the underlying philosophy of the Living Light Energy and its use in your everyday life and to strengthen and advance the basic healing techniques. To deepen your own empowerment, personal development and remembering of who you truly are.

Participants will be attuned to this level individually and the following will be covered:

  • Six symbols and their meanings and use
  • How to send the Living Light Energy by distance and absent healing techniques
  • Ways of energetically healing and empowering relationships and situations
  • Techniques for releasing mental, emotional and physical blocks and imbalance
  • Using affirmations with Sekhem

Activities include meditation, interactive discussion and experiential hands-on healing techniques.   

Exchange abundance: HK$4,000 (includes a 40-min one-on-one initiation)

*Involves a private 40-minute attunement session on or before the class

To participate in Living Light Energy – Level 2 with Ruby T. Ong, please contact Reflections via, on +852 2504 1333  or  Whatsapp 9401 4713



Living Light Energy Healing with selenite wand   
HK$1500 for 1 hr = 1.5 hr session

The Living Light Energy (Sekhem) Healing is a form of energy healing first used in ancient Egypt. By working with three-dimensional symbols, this powerful healing method works on dispersing deep blocks within the recipients energy field. It is particularly effective when dealing with old physical and emotional problems. 

The Living Light Energy healing has a profound healing effect at every level.  It is a safe and effective form of healing, and generate a feeling of relaxation and well being.    

This is a full-body treatment.  Healing involves client lying on a treatment couch, fully clothed while the practitioner gently places their hands either on the client’s body, or in his aura and channels energy into his physical, auric and spiritual bodies. The energy has its own intelligence and flows to where it is most needed. The recipient usually feels deeply relaxed and calm, often experiencing a profound sense of “letting go” of earthly anxieties.  

During the healing session chakras, meridians and life force energies are cleansed and brought into harmonious balance. Old patterns and issues are released and surrendered and replaced with an exquisite feeling of total peace and serenity. 

Please contact Reflections on 2504 1333  or  Whatsapp Ruby T Ong 9401 4713

*Students who have finished different levels of the Living Light Energy are welcome to join the classes for revision.


Ruby T. Ong is an experienced healer and caring teacher who takes pride in empowering the individual to maximize their own potential. She believes that, with self-empowerment, people will be more aware that they have a responsibility to live their life with their vision of faith. 

She is also well trained in different levels of Pranic Healing and other healing modalities. Her personal public relations consultancy M V Reach Communications is a major organizer of holistic events in Hong Kong. 

To date, Ruby is always on the road, she has been travelling extensively to major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenyang, to name a few. Recently she has been invited to conduct Sekhem workshops in Netherlands and Denmark.