Ruby T Ong

For Ruby’s Reflections

Feb 2021

The longer I stay on this spiritual journey, the more I am dazzled by the playfulness of words.  Words like awakening, re-awakening,  quickening… all these –ings are causing me to think and re-think, and I can’t help but ponder: wouldn’t it be nice if we could stay present in the moment when everything to us is so new, so exciting and so fascinating that we love and enjoy every minute of it.

From my perspective, the key to awakening our Divine sense is to imbibe our child-like attributes and allow the virtues of simplicity, truth, purity and all-encompassing unconditional love to permeate our thoughts, words and actions.  Perhaps only then can we truly embody the words: “ … Except ye be as little children, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom of heaven.”

We are abound with Divine blessings.  Grateful I am for the opportunity to serve in devotion to the Creator.

May the Divine Providence bring more fun and laughter into the lives of everyone, so that our emotional energies will attract joy and heaven on earth !