Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder… very often I wonder why it is so hard for us to see all things through the Eyes of Buddha?  For this reason, I am interested in asking Buddha to come up with his brand-name of ULTIMATE EYE CONCENTRATE.


I got this inspiration when I saw an enormous billboard sign at an airport, it’s a commercial ad about a luxury cosmetic brand… power infusing eye concentrate that can smooth out skin for younger looking eyes. … makes one feel invigorated …


eyeAs I was looking at the billboard, my ignorant mind was running its thought:… it was wondering if these high-end luxury brands can ever produce an ULTIMATE EYE FORMULA that will not just make people’s eyes sparklingly beautiful, younger looking… but also has the ‘magic’ to make people see the beauty in everything.  Little does it matter whether the product is in cream form.. liquid form… digital form… (?) , the most important thing is they can make users see the beauty in everything.   For all you know, these products will surely be a big catch when up in the shelf.  People who are humanely conscious will certainly feel they are worth spending extra bucks to have them… and manufacturers can even encourage sales by offering the products with reward points.


Don’t you think it is time that we start to see beauty in everything and be grateful for the healthy eyes that we still have to see and appreciate them?


Ruby T Ong