Mahadev (May 31 & June 3)



An introduction to Spiritual Practice Workshop

with Mahadev

May 31 (Tues) & June 3 (Fri)     7 pm – 9 pm

Love-Offering1HK$250 per evening session


Vedanta teaches the divinity of everything and every being

How do we bring the Vedanta teachings into our way of life?

Every human being is innately divine. And the ultimate goal of life is to manifest this inherent divinity. Divinity is equally present everywhere, but not equally manifest everywhere. So far as human beings are concerned, divinity is most manifest in a spiritually illumined soul.



This workshop is for people who are

  • drawn to attaining Self-realisation or enlightenment,
  • or are confused about what to do in life, as life seems meaningless,
  • or want to become able to open their hearts and love better,
  • or want to know more about what deep spirituality is and how it works

In this workshop you will be introduced to some of the practices of the Vedanta philosophy, particularly chanting and meditation. There will be short sessions of practice, then quick analyses of what happened with suggestions on how to penetrate deeper in the next meditation. There will also be some explanation of the principles according to which spirituality should be practised in order for it to be successful.


Vedanta is a philosophy from Ancient India, whose goal is Self-realisation or enlightenment, that has been re-expressed in each generation by sages until the present day. It describes our essential nature and the ultimate nature of the universe as divine, though to fully experience this all the time, we have to realise this divinity within ourselves. Self-realisation gives us constant peace, bliss, pure love and practical wisdom of life, as well as the attainment of the unchanging truth beyond the physical and mental planes.


There will be meditation and chanting. Each evening will take you deeper into the practice of Vedanta. It will include the transmission of spiritual energy, which is essential when trying to open up deeper parts of the mind to penetrate deep inside yourself, training in meditation, chanting and self-introspection.


About Mahadev


Mahadev is a disciple of his Guru, Sri Bhagavan of the International Vedanta Society. He goes from place to place, mostly in Southeast Asia, Europe and India, to interest and train people in spirituality according to the Vedanta philosophy, starting and developing new centres, as per the instruction of his Guru. He trains people both during his repeated visits to their own cities, and between visits giving advice and meditating with people over Whatsapp.

He was born in Great Britain in 1979, has travelled extensively to over sixty countries, often hitch-hiking and sleeping outside, and did a variety of jobs before coming into spirituality full-time.

Having realised he could never become fulfilled just by doing things in the world, he met Bhagavan and joined IVS in 2005, attaining his first significant realisation in samadhi in 2006. He is the author of ‘Spiritual Practice and Self-realisation, Application of Vedanta’, an introduction to Vedanta philosophy and a systematic approach to meditation.


To join the evening sessions, please call Reflections on 2504 1333/ whatsapp on 5960 1424.