Facilitators: Daphne Lilith and Sarah Hecate

October 7, 2022 (Fri) 7:15 pm – 9:15 pm

Exchange Abundance: HK$888

(inclusive of a tailored-made, super-charged abundance magic candle)

Jupiter – the planet of abundance and expansion that ruled Thursday, an auspicious day of the week to manifest your heart’s desire.

Join us on this Thursday evening to learn a magical art that will transform your life by manifesting your hopes and dreams through the most straightforward yet powerful magic candle rituals. In this workshop, you will learn everything essential about candle magic to shape your life according to your desires:

  •  The myth and facts of candle magic
  •  Understand the candle colour symbolism and their meanings
  •  What are the complimentary materials? 
  •  Accurate intention-setting techniques
  •  Visualisations for an abundant manifestation 

By the end of this experiential workshop, you can apply these practices successfully to achieve success, prosperity, abundance and more.

Participants will receive a hand-poured vegan scented candle for ABUNDANCE MANIFESTATION. The candle is for you to further supercharge it with your intentions in a 7-day ritual. All you need is to bring your awareness and enjoy the process!


Daphne Lilith

A light and shadow worker who has made a conscious decision to answer the call of the source and the soul to be of service to assist others to shine their light, Daphne specialises in astrology, tarot, apothecary, manifestation magic and alchemy. Having intimate relationships with Mother Earth and Akasha, she enjoys the connections with the animals and spirit guides.

She practices dream interpretation and believes in the exquisiteness of our unconscious. She also practices Sekhem living light energy, Jikiden and Usui/Tibetan reiki that holistically enhances well-being.

Sarah Hecate

Since the year 2000, Sarah Hecate has wholeheartedly devoted herself to the ranks of tarot fortune-tellers. Subsequently, she enhanced her wisdom through several protracted pilgrimages overseas, which provided the impetus to several new directions for a heightened alignment towards spiritual practice. Soon afterwards, she had a calling to become versed in and master the skills of the science of Feng Shui metaphysics and Sekhem; intertwining the methodologies of Chinese and Western spiritual capabilities to help sentient beings.

Sarah’s mission as an energy healer and Feng Shui metaphysician is to meticulously guide people in attaining a higher level of insight to self-understanding, knowing oneself, and making wise decisions on all self-related topics.

Registration is a must in order for us to prepare the materials. 


To join the workshop, please call Reflections on 2504 1333. Whatsapp Ruby T Ong 9401 4713.