woman-smartphone-girl-technologyAn International Coach called the theme of 2016 as the Courage to Express Yourself.  As I always have a tendency of avoiding unnecessary conflicts, big or small, I have a fear of expression.  But in this article I am going to boldly express my views about the enormous availability of apps that enable people to communicate anywhere, anytime and with anyone.    Thanks to Steve Jobs for doing such  a good job in making this technology available to the masses.


I remember years ago when this technology was launched, every time people entered a restaurant, you would hear them shouting to the waiter: “Is there WI-FI here?”  Today establishments of any sort need to have WI-FI if they want to stay in business.


One can easily be involved in many chat groups, the problem is through social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc.. we get to know the details of many people and view their lives , we have lost the personal interaction we once had with our family members, loved ones and friends who used to be close to our heart.


Whilst it is a good thing to be connected all the time, but there is also a pandemic trap.  People’s IQs are dropping because there is no need, or less need, for face-to-face  interaction.  In the past we would pick up a phone and call each other to wish Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and  other such occasions. Today you don’t hear those greetings anymore because they are done via chats and what’s more, there is always a  bombardment of greeting pictures.  Not pathetic enough?  Well observe this:


People can blah, blah, blah on social media for hours but when facing each other in a family or any social gathering, they become strangers, seemingly having a hard time to find words to say.  Most of the words are abbreviated in the name of convenience, and so do not be surprised to find the next generations are poor spellers.


Seeing people having at least two or more mobile phones in their pocket or bags is a common sight too.  Having dim sum or  a tea break, you will notice that the mobile phones displayed on the table outnumber the dishes of food.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)


And when the phone has ‘low batt’ and still 30 minutes away from the office ,home or at a place where charging the phone is not available, ayeaaaah… it can be a catastrophe of epic proportions !!


What’s worst, to some people, the phone is a ‘must’ thing to bring along when using the washroom, simply because they are following the shaky stock market, playing games and watching movies.  It is no wonder there are now more and more people suffering from constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders.


And now my friend… from here or wherever you are, Quo Vadis?