About Angelina Paraliki

Angelina lives on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus and spent 20 years of her early life in the UK.

As a child, she had vivid memories of having spiritual experiences which she could not understand at the time and tried to reject. Seventeen years ago a major upheaval in her life triggered a series of events that opened the door to her spiritual and psychic gifts. She began meditation and very soon became aware of the power within her and round her. She began to see things clairvoyantly.

Angelina has a successful career as an Art and Design teacher and Art Examiner. The worlds of pattern, form, and colour were always very important both in her spiritual development and profession. Between 2000-2002 a series of symbols were given to her. These, she came to realize, were symbols of profound life changes in the years to come and are still evolving. She now has international clientele from all over the world and attracts people from all walks of life to guide them with her accurate predictions. Currently, she splits her time between her academic work and her spiritual teachings, where she imparts her unique brand of wisdom.

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*Note that as a visiting practitioner Angelina may not currently be in Hong Kong.