About Mary Ma

Mary is a cosmic energy therapist. Depending on the individual needs of each client, she will combine her unique type of therapy to clear old and current emotional and physical traumas from the body. Mary’s therapy works on every level: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Mary has had success with his therapy in treating many different types of illness, often life-threatening, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Her unique therapy combines ‘scanning’ the body with her hands – for diagnosing and healing – plus her own eclectic mix of energy work. Mary treats clients with major and minor illnesses. These may be physical, mental, spiritual or emotional – from a tummy ache or feeling slightly
blue to a bad back, major depression, severe introvert, autism or cancer. (For her results with these, read her testimonials). She helps clients release trauma which is locked in our cell memory and said to cause physical illness or emotional distress.

Mary believes that bestowed with Divine Might, she is able to channel sacred energy to help souls crossed over and remove entities and dark forces. A healing session with her can always bring about beneficial and often far-reaching effects – it could be anything from making someone feel more cheerful to avoiding major surgery.

Often she’s guided in her work by what she can only described as ‘intuition’ or a ‘guidance from the Divine’. Mary says she is often guided in her work and ‘sees’ things which help her to discover what’s wrong. Whatever it is that allows her to be such a highly effective healer, she is widely regarded as being extremely compassionate.

About Mary Ma
Mary’s spiritual healing career started right after her trip to Japan in 2016 in which she met a Japanese master who bestowed upon her with what she felt is a “flash of Divine energy”. The mystical experience caused a big shift in her logical mind. She found her connection to life expand significantly, feeling that life is full of beauty and sacredness. Becoming a clairsentient
and clairvoyant, she found herself channeling divine healing energy through her hands to those in need of love and healing. In order to expand her ability as a healer, Mary went on for training in Reiki, Sekhem and Etheric Healing.

Grateful for this sacred gift, Mary’s healing is full of light and infinite love from the Divine. Within a short span of her healing career, Mary had garnered so much experience through the many healings that she had provided over the years.

Cosmic Energetic Healing
HK$2000 for 1-hr session
Entities Removal HK$2000 per session

To book a private session with Mary, please contact Reflections on 2504 1333, Whatsapp Ruby T Ong 9401 4713.