Angelina Paraliki (Aug 22-27)



Tarot Reader / Psychic & Transformational Symbol Illustrator
August 22 – 27, 2016


Angelina ParalikiAngelina lives on the beautiful Mediterranean Island of Cyprus and spent 20 years of her early life in the UK. Angelina has a successful career as an Art and Design teacher and Art Examiner.  The world of pattern, form and colour were always very important both in her spiritual development and profession.  Between 2000-2002 a series of symbols were given to her.  These she came to realize were symbols of profound life changes in the years to come and are still evolving. She now has international clientele from all over the world and attracts people from all walks of life to guide them with her accurate predictions.  Currently she splits her time between her academic work and her spiritual teachings, where she imparts her unique brand of wisdom.



Aug 22 (Mon)   7:15 pm – 8:45 pm   FREE INTRODUCTORY EVENING  In this evening, Angelina will share with us her spiritual experiences since childhood, and how she is using her clairvoyance to give successful tarot readings and transformational symbol illustrations to help people in their spiritual journey.


Aug 27, 2016  (Sat)         2:30 am – 6 pm         HK$1200

Transformational Symbol Workshop

The Language of Light is within each one of us.  This workshop will give you the opportunity to learn how to tap into that source and respond from a personal level on an area of your life, at this point in time.


The Language of the Symbols has been gradually revealed to Angelina since the year 2000, in the form of a series of personal symbols.  Over the next two years 7 symbols were given clairvoyantly.  Learning to use them has brought about profound life changes and shifts.  The symbols are very personal and unique of each client.  The symbols are illustrated and explained how to be used.


Part I

Using a variety of stimuli you will be asked to respond  to your own symbol, giving you an understanding of those areas you consider as blocks.


Part II

By tuning into your auric space, your own personal symbol will be shown to Angelina and briefly will be illustrated and explained.  You will also be shown how to use your symbol during the workshop.  Other tools that will be used will be one Major Tarot card interpretation, as well as any guidance received.


What to bring:  A4 drawing pad, and color pencils or oil pastels.


Private Sessions

Personal Tarot Readings                            HK$1350 /1 hr

Incorporates her psychic skills into her tarot readings.  Comprehensive sessions cover all aspects of past, present and future influences relating to the whole spectrum from current issues to life purposes.


Transformational Symbol Illustration        HK$1200 / 50 mins

Evolving from a series of Symbols that were given to Angelina clairvoyantly, between 2000-2002, she has experience profound life changes and shifts, both in her personal life and spiritual work.


By tuning into the clients auric space and the Realms of Energy that she works with, a symbol is given for the client which Angelina then illustrates and explains how they are used.


The symbols have proven to be a very powerful form of healing, and many of her clients have experienced remarkable responses by using them.


Personal Tarot Readings and Symbol    HK$2000 for 90 mins

A combination of both a personal tarot reading and symbol is given.


News“Going Home’’                         HK$1200 / 50 mins

Using her artistic and creative gift, and clairvoyance, Angelina will provide remarkable spirit portraits of communication, sharing messages and insight from them.

A new service that emanated from a wave of change beginning in 2014 for Angelina. The wave began with the simple message “Your Going Home.”  The journey took Angelina through the Egyptian Alchemy of the Goddess NUT (Nuit), an intensive workshop of the Hemi-Sinc program uncannily called  “Going Home” and to a portal of contact with a special beloved guide.

The “home” of the other side, the spirit home of loved ones, and guides, and Masters.  The session is not necessarily about the contact of our loved ones, it can be your spirit guides, and they changed as we evolved.

Making that contact and to receive a message of guidance or comfort for many, is very important.  Very often we need to be told step by step where we are going without any retrospection.


To join the free introductory evening, workshop and / or book a private consultation with Angelina, please call Reflections on 2504 1333.  

Whatsapp Reflections 5960 1424 / Whatsapp Ruby T Ong 94014713