Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a visionary? Is it really that difficult to be one? 

In our spiritual quests, we can all aspire to be visionaries, open to receiving creative new possibilities through high inspiration and inner guidance. We can do so by seeing things, situations, people and all aspects of our life through the eyes of L-O-V-E. We can speak the so-called LOL (Language of Love) with unconditional devotion and loving care. We can just BE. Challenging, eh? But we can always do our best to live up to our aspirations. 

Just as one of our visiting practitioners had said: What’s the point of inculcating teachings with high sounding words and languages that people cannot understand, when we cannot step down off our pedestal to take the initiative or even the time to say ‘hello, how are you?’ to our neighbours next door?

I am grateful to all our Reflections Practitioners for their help in making our lives so joyful.