About Teya Estar

Born and raised in Southern Africa, Teya is a natural clairvoyant medium, channel, and psychic healer. Having come from a long ancestral lineage of psychics and healers on both sides of her family, and raised within a spiritually rich culture, she has had a deep and intimate relationship with the spirit world since her earliest memory. Teya has trained and worked professionally, both regionally and internationally in the fields of shamanism, holistic health, and psychic development for over 20 years. She is qualified in a range of healing modalities, including Advanced Colour Light Therapy, Aura Soma, Reiki, Bereavement and Relationship Counseling and therapeutic massage. She is also a licensed 5 Rhythms dance and movement teacher/facilitator. Teya has a hands-on and grounded approach to working with her clients and utilizes all of the many tools she has at her disposal to provide transformational healing and awareness at every level of a person’s being. In June 2011, Teya led a Dolphin Junk Trip in Hong Kong where we had many successful pink dolphin sightings through the help of her shamanic work.

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