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Your Angel has a message for you, come and discover what the angels want you to know now.




An angel reading session with Anna will involve using 3 – 4 decks of angel cards simultaneously to receive angelic guidance and spiritual upliftment that will help you make wise choice in decision-making, dissolve anxieties and achieve a breakthrough in life obstacles and uncertainties so that you can live life with comfort and ease.

Trusting totally and opening to receiving guidance from the angels enable Anna to deliver succinct messages with focal points that the Divine knows you are ready to receive them at thatcrucial moment and at your subconscious level.  Messages given at that point in time are there to inspire and empower you to find inner peace and align yourself with your own truth and life path.

An angel card reading session provides an opportunity to open your heart and express freely your emotional distress arising from situations such as depression, grief, anger, relationship problems, family conflicts, etc It brings hope, support, understanding and courage for you to find your own truth in an effort to pursue your personal growth and happiness.

Remarks: You are not required to be familiar with angels or any card information during a readingsession.

The angel messagesare full of love and compassion. It is beyond all doubts that we have always been loved, and we are never alone in our life path on Earth.


Harmonize your body and mind. Unresolved emotions and negative thoughtforms from yourself and / orcaused by people around you can get stuck or stored in our energy bodies, causing dis-ease within you.The stagnated energiescan cause a blockage in our system and manifest as pain tomake you become aware of the situation.

An angel healing session will help remove the “stuck” energy and restore balance in all levels.

Exchange of Abundance

HK$444 for 30-min session

HK$777 for 1-hr session

About Anna Tao

A truth seeker since her teenage years, Anna Tao had delved into metaphysical studies for over a decade. Trained with spiritual teacher Ms. Nelly Coneway of the International Academy of Enlightenment, Anna is a certified Angel Card Reader and Spiritual Counselor

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