Heal and Transform your Life with the infinite healing powers of SOUND


with Sound Healer BERTHA SO


頌缽工作坊 ~ 初階- 1 天(8 小時)

February 6, 2022 (Sun) 10 am – 6 pm

Exchange Abundance: HK$1800

The sound of singing bowls calms our mind and reconnects us with universal consciousness. By rubbing or sounding, the sound and the frequency of the singing bowl transmutes both the mental and physical bodies by vibrating all cells to their normal frequency, thus promoting blood circulation, and activating the body’s self- healing mechanism. Through the effect of resonance, bowls transform negative energy, enhance positive energy and strengthen intuition

Bertha offers multilevel workshops for beginners to more advanced bowl players.

A variety of bowls will be provided for your use. Should you wish to purchase a bowl of your own, Bertha can assist you in the selection process.

In this workshop, Bertha will guide the students to learn the basic skills of singing bowls and self – healing methods. During the workshop, students can experience cleansing the body, mind and spirit, feeling of deep peace and letting go of messy thoughts, and back to the present.

Building on the skills from the introductory course, you will learn:

  • Principles of Sound Healing
  • Proper singing bowl sounding technique
  • How to create a connection with the singing bowl
  • Space Purification
  • Singing Bowl Meditation
  • Self-healing Technique


In 2003, Bertha learned Reiki and based on the benefits began her journey in natural healing and spiritual growth. Since then she has studied crystal healing, Magnified Healing, Blu-E™ energy healing, singing bowls, and gongs. In 2015, she left her corporate career and became a full-time sound facilitator. In 2017, she started sharing her skills by volunteering for singing bowl therapy in villages in Thailand as well as serving HK Cancerlink.

Energy healing led Bertha on a new life path, her companions are now sound tools. She wishes to share singing bowls with more people, so that they can find out their true selves and affect the others, making a difference in the world.

To join the workshop, please call Reflections on 2504 1333. WhatsApp Ruby T. Ong 9401 4713.

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Bertha 會提供多階段工作坊,適合初階至進階程度學習。課程中, 一系列頌缽將提供給學員練學習使用, Bertha 亦可協助學員選購合適的頌缽作自用。

頌缽工作坊 ~ 初階- 1 天(8 小時)

導師 Bertha 將帶領學員學習基本的頌缽操作及自我療癒方法。同時透過工作坊


通過學習能量治療帶領 Bertha 走上一條全新的道路,各種聲音工具成為她不可或決的助手。她希望與更多有緣人 分享,讓他們可以找回自我,並感染周邊的人,讓世界變得不一樣。


Bertha 於 2003 年學習靈氣,因緣際會開展了她的自然療癒及靈性修養的道路。

此後,她修習了多種的療癒技巧,包括:水晶治療、擴大療癒法、Blu-E™能量治療、頌缽及銅鑼。2015 年,Bertha 離開正職並全身投入聲音調頻的工作。除了作為聲音調頻師之外,她於 2017 年前往泰國村落參義務工作及加入癌症基金會義工團隊,透過聲音的分享參與義工服務。


. 療法原理

. 正確敲擊手法

. 如何連结頌缽

. 淨化空間

. 頌缽靜心

. 自我療癒

請致電 : 2504 1333  或電郵 : info@reflections.com.hk

WhatsApp:  Ruby T  Ong 9401 4713