ILLUMINATING PRACTICUM and PRIVATE CONSUL TATIONS with Carlos Palada (Nov 15 – 24, 2012)



with Carlos Palada

Nov 15 – 24, 2012

Nov 17, 2012 (Sat)           10 am – 5:30 pm       HK$1333


The time of Creation is speeding up.  Let’s practice simple ways on how to apply your spiritual wisdom more effectively.

This is the time to create more consciously or else to destroy unconsciously.

Practical method to release old past life karmic links.

5 steps required to delete data from previous unnecessary experiences (past karmas).  Practical experience/Activation

3 steps required to manifest from our higher level of your powers to others, creating from fear, clearing unresolved dogmas and unknown decrees. Practical experience/Activation

Establishing a new decree to start creating from your higher level of consciousness.    Practical experience/Activation

Complete past lives spiritual templates, community agreements and set boundaries, memories of giving away your powers to others. Practical experience/Activation

I have been channelling this information for the last two months and I have been able to complete and resolve long term issues in one day.

….   Carlos Palada

The workshop may include meditative journeys, activations, healings, messages – whatever your soul needs for you to get that balance and/or connection at this time. Carlos’ workshops, though focused on the topic at hand, are usually varied in content depending on the needs of participants individually or collectively.

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Nov 18, 2012 (Sun)          10 am – 5:30 pm           HK$1333



This workshop is based on ancient divine Lemurian and Essene wisdom channelled by Carlos Palada and practiced during his close connection with the Mayan culture in Central America.

Practical methods to prepare the physical, mental and emotional body to perceive messages.

Ancient tips to open the THIRD EYE including practical experience.

The ability to differentiate between a real message and a mental projection.

Seven levels of consciousness to meditate into higher messages.

Our ability to perceive in colours of light and the inner colours based on inner light.

Meditation and initiation to activate the sacred and ancient “FOURTH EYE”.

How to help yourself; empower others through your divine connection with your soul.

“The Divine Love is the force and foundation of the Subatomic level, there is a substance called Golden Light that maintains that force, that spark of creation is activated through the Fourth Eye”… Carlos Palada.

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Ancient Sacred Teachings of the Mayan Elders

Nov 24, 2012 (Sun)    10 am – 5 pm        HK$1333

Registration starts at 9:30 am on Saturday.

This ancient wisdom was received by the Mayan culture from their ancestorial constellation called the Pleiades (Maia), “seven sisters”, or “Subaru.”

The ritual integrates the cosmic elements into human consciousness through the fourth eye into the heart, converting   the five elements into the first five names of the gods, it brings the energy from the sun, earth and the moon to anchor the energy.

It creates a circle of divine sacred fire to protect the environment where we are physically located at the moment of the ritual. Only divine love will enter into that divine sacred circle.

It can be used to protect ourselves and others, our families/ friends/community from external natural dangers.  Mayans also perform this ritual to convert themselves from matter into ether.  Another purpose for this ritual is to create a sacred space (field trips) when contacting beings from higher realms (from other galaxies).

NOTE: Due to the sacredness of this Mayan wisdom, no filming, photos, taking notes will be allowed during the ceremony in order to preserve the secrecy and the right purpose of the information in divine service.


How to make it effortless, joyful and fulfilling

with Carlos Palada and Yana Fry

Nov 25, 2012 (Sun) 10 am – 5 pm       HK$1333           

Registration starts at 9:30 am on Saturday.

Each one of us is involved daily in different kinds of relationships: with yourself, parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, colleagues, peers, companies, society, country, planet or The Universe. Disappointments, pain, anger, frustration, struggles and energy drains may come from unfulfilled, unhappy and difficult relationships. 

Whether you are:

                 currently in the relationship and trying to see it through

–       have just left or started a new relationship

–       looking for the “right” relationship

–       feeling hurt by the memories of the past relationships

–       avoiding any relationships

–       lost trust in the previous/current/future relationships

–       affected by endless number of emotions, ups and downs created by the relationships

 OR you want to:

–       enhance an existing relationship

–       take it to a different level

–       be happier and more blissful with all relationships in your life


You will learn and experience:

1. Five steps required to delete information from previous unnecessary experiences – past karmas.

2. Comprehensive ways of understanding extremes. Fear versus Love.

3. Group activities to complete the past.

4. From Human Consciousness to Universal Consciousness. 

  1. Ways to expand your consciousness.

6. Exercises to unleash Conscious Creation.

7. Five ways to create healthy relationships.

8. Tools, methods, systems, daily exercises to embrace a current situation, overcome a rollercoaster and  create relationships you want to have.

As you can see, we will be focusing on Expanding Consciousness and Unleashing Conscious Creation. When you expand your consciousness, you let go of any concerns, fears and emotions that are blocking you from moving forward in life and allow you to create the relationships you deserve.

It is time to START participating consciously, because creation is now speeding up and conscious creation is happening at an accelerated rate.

*Course materials are included in the energy exchange.

Note: Please bring your own journal and pens to take important notes. The exercises and practices are individual and full confidentiality will be maintained at all times.   Please dress comfortably.


  1. YANA FRY     Transformation and Being Alignment Coach. Meditation and MindfulnessAn Old Soul. Yana received PhD in Life and decided to dedicate her time here to empowering as many people as she can in one life term.

Venue for all workshops       14/F Rm B  Prosperous Commercial Bldg

                                                  54 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong    


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Nov 15 – 21   PRIVATE ‘ATOMIC HEALING’ SESSIONS                      HK$1200 for 1hour session

What is Atomic Healing?

Atomic healing is a new & ancient Healing Modality originating from the Essenes 200 years B.C.; it energises & re-integrates the lifestrones contained in your body (subatomic, cellular and molecular structures, through your light-soul level) releasing pains, karmas, mental, spiritual and physical blockages via the breath and cosmic energy.

How does Atomic Healing Work?

Carlos begins your personal session by giving you important messages about your life situation and any other problems you feel may be relevant and need attention.  Second, the healing/TRANSFORMATION process will be explained in detail. Sometimes you may lay on a massage table to allow Carlos to identify your energy blockages, then releasing unwanted  energies can occur while talking and being seated.  He will tell you how to breathe or what method his guides require for each clearing and you will at all times be comfortable and in good care.  Carlos will speak to you throughout your session and at the end will take you on a short but very relaxing meditative journey like none other. If necessary, he will realign and balance your energy fields and chakras.  At the end of your session, he will allow you to relax to become fully in tune with your surroundings again.  As Atomic Healing is performed fully clothed, wearing loose clothing is suggested for your comfort.

Some Benefits of Atomic Healing 

  1. Release of Traumas from Childhood, Past Memories, Current Relationships
  2. Your Body Feels Healthy and Energized
  3. Recover Your Ability to Feel Loved and Optimistic
  4. Release Negative Set Patterns and Negative Feelings
  5. Release Stored Emotions, Blockages and Obstacles
  6. After the energy release some on-going physical conditions may clear
  7. Better Sleep, less Anxiety, gain Clarity, Focus, Direction, Security
  8. Recover your Power and Strength to Make Decisions
  9. Reconnect again with Mother Earth

What Can You Release? 

Some Physical pains created by blocked energy, Pain created by your Emotions, Insecurity, Lack of Clarity, Direction, Being Afraid of Change, Fear, Uncertainty, Frustration, Anger, Confusion. Failure, Disappointment, Resentment, Blame, Disloyalty, Anxiety, Withholding Negativity, Aggression, Feeling Lost, Feeling Stuck, Set Patterns, Worry, Manipulation, Excessive Procrastination, Complication, and others…

What Can You Gain From Atomic Healing?

Strengthening your foundation, completing the pastMore Energy, More Vitality, TRUST, Freedom, Enjoyment & Fun, Clarity, Courage, Persistence, Excitement, Success, Encouragement, Confidence, Moving Forward, Determination, Positive Attitude, New Direction, Strength, Acceptance, Kindness, Reliability, Tolerance, Joy, More inner POWER to make decisions, POWER OF MANIFESTATION….

About Carlos Palada    Carlos has been doing healing work before the time of the Essenes, visiting Asia, Europe, America, and Australia for the last 24 years in this life.  What makes Carlos different from others is that he has chosen not to read books since completing his career as a Civil Engineer, Developer and Project Manager. Carlos was born connected with the universal matrix of the cosmos and from childhood has known that humanity has only the next year to prepare their bodies for the new transformation.  He has not studied healing, as life gifted him with the ability to channel cosmic healing energy, originally passed on to Carlos from his mother. Generally Carlos receives messages through his mother a medium who passed away 40 years ago.

Carlos also connects with ancient rocks and mountains around the planet and receives most of his messages from his guides, Maitreya, Jesus, Buddha, Shirdi Baba, the Pleiadian Angels, Essenes, Lemurians and Star Families.

Carlos was raised in Central America amongst the Mayan Culture.  He has attended to and helped thousands of people around the world, working with both adults and children over the last 12 years, taking over 500 flights from Australia where he lives to reach out to others. Carlos doesn’t belong to any groups, associations, or congregations believing in universal connectedness and divine love.

The Universe is NOW “inviting” those who need a real awakening. Carlos invites psychically those who have not experienced his work as well as those who already know him from previous encounters during this visit. “What you will receive is pure divine wisdom which you will take with you when you close your eyes forever.”

This experience will not be relabelled or repackaged information. This will be a heart-to-heart/soul-to-soul genuine connection – Going back to unity.  We will continue the unfinished, incomplete or “in-process” wisdom previously started by our souls in other lives. We will recover the real tools, methods, and ceremonies used in previous times, which are required NOW for our evolution.

To join the workshops and / or book a private session with Carlos Palada, please call Reflections on 2504 1333 and / or e-mail


13/F Unit B  Suen Yue Bldg

48 Bonham Strand West

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 

(Sheung Wan MTR Exit B, walk toward Western Market… By bus, take Bus No. 5, 10, 5B, 18)