Jacqui Gilbert (Jan 9-16)



ushering the Golden Age of Bliss


Metaphysical Teacher, Healer and Channel


January 9 – 16, 2016


Jan 12, 2015 (Tues)        7:15 pm – 9:30 pm

Exchange Abundance:  HK$1111

Jacqui has been active as a metaphysical teacher for over 30 years.  Having been in visual and auditory contact with the Ascended Masters since childhood, she now channels communications from the Angelic Light Beings, Osiris, Isis and Thoth, and others.  At times these Light Beings invite others to speak through her – such as Lord Buddha, Quan Yin, Sanat Kumar, Lakshmi, Djwhal Khul and Enki.  The Light beings communicate the ancient spiritual wisdom of the ages to us through Jacqui.


This is a fascinating channeled workshop where some of the Beings of Light bring forth information and communicate with us from a higher dimensional resonance. They have been communicating with us since the Atlantean times and continue to do so as they support the growth of Earth and its beings.


unnamedTheir purpose is to support humanity at this time of our changing cycle of time on Earth with as much knowledge and information as we can tolerate.  We have asked them to communicate with us, which is why they do.  We now make the choice to take note of their wisdom so as to support our personal and planetary dimensional shift.  This is what is referred to as achieving Ascension in the Physical, or Living Ascension.  From where we have been for so many long years, we are well-poised to enter a new reality experience.  As we heal ourselves, we raise our resonance and thus we usher in the Golden Age of Bliss on Earth.

In this workshop, all information will come through channeling.


How the channeling work?
Jacqui Gilbert is the only so-called trance channel for the non-material Light Being Osiris, on Earth, who also guides the introduction of other Light Beings to us through her.

In a channeled workshop and / or meditation, Jacqui relaxes herself into a deep state of meditation and allows the Light Beings to speak through her.  During this channeling process she is effectively unconscious of what is being said by the Light Beings.  In order to be an effective channel for Beings of high frequency Light, she has to align her own physical energy system to be within range of the high frequency vibrations of the Light Beings.  This means that Jacqui has to ensure that she is personally operating at as a high frequency as possible, because it is her human system and tools of her human body (her brain and her voice), that are used to deliver the communications from the Light Beings.  It is because of this developed ability that she is able to be a good conduit for their communications.


Jacqui is usually not completely consciously aware that Osiris will introduce another Light Being to speak through her before it happens, but prior to the occurrence she undergoes enormous physical shifts.  This is a profound experience for her and it always indicates that she is increasing the frequency of her own vibrations dramatically, for one reason or another.  Raised resonance is essential for this process.  Although she benefits enormously from this process of her own attunements and alignment with the higher frequency vibrations of the Light Beings before they speak through her, it is nevertheless both a highly responsible and difficult task, both physically and emotionally.  It is for this reason that Jacqui has dedicated her life to working with the shifting of consciousness, both for herself and others.”


This workshop is absolutely amazing channellings.  Jacqui can’t always say precisely what they are about as each channelling is different and she personally does not know until after the session what they’re saying.  They are very intense workshops which bring through a lot of information and various processes for spiritual development and transformation.  After channeling in the first part of the workshop, participants are allowed to ask questions in relation to their personal growth or the community spiritual upliftment.


PRIVATE SESSIONS         HK$1350 for 1-hr session


Private session will be communications by Osiris.  There may be cards reading and channeling.


osirisWho is Osiris?
Osiris has also been known as Apis-Osiris and as Serapis or Sarapis in Ancient Greece.  He is an extension of the consciousness of Enki or Enki Ptah and is one of the Trinity – which is made up of Osiris, Isis and Horus.  Although he has lived many different lifetimes on Earth and we would correctly call him by numerous different names, the glorious Light Being currently speaks to us as Osiris.



Based in South Africa, Jacqui has enjoyed an international following as an inspirational facilitator of personal growth and transformative workshops for many years.  She has worked extensively around the world using techniques of healing, channeling, meditation and energy processes.


As the founder of the Transformation Development Centre and a powerful psychic, healer and channel of Spirit Beings, Jacqui supports people on their journey of personal growth and healing in a safe environment of unconditional love, and joy.  She presents specialized workshops, offers private readings, channelings and healings, accompanies guided tours to sacred sites around the world and has co-authored various books, sharing her gift with love and light to all.


A brilliant clairvoyant and psychic, Jacqui is returning to Hong Kong upon special request from clients.  She continues to offer her regular individual sessions including tarot/rune readings, transformational healing sessions and channelings.


To join the channeled workshop and / or book a private session with Jacqui, please call Reflections on 2504 1333 or whatsapp 5960 1424.