May 15 – Gift of Nature 101 & 102 with Jerry Santosh


Batch 2: May 15, 2016 (Sun) 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Venue: Reflections, Sheung Wan

“Gift of Nature” is a series of classes aimed to introduce the handy items that would positively facilitate our well-being in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

Crystals, Minerals & Gems

Crystals, minerals, and gems are the best recorder of time. They are formed under the Earth eons ago, and they are being used or crafted in different civilizations. If we are sensitive enough, it is possible for us to read and decode the information and knowledge being stored in the crystals. Crystals are also great carrier of vibrations and light. They vibrate differently because of their type, size, form and the intention infused.

In this workshop, we are going to experience the following practices:
– How to choose crystals
(Feeling or sensation, form, appearance, usage, spiritual properties, purposes, etc.)
– How to cleanse and revitalize crystals
– Understanding the character and usage of some common crystals
– How to reset, programme and infuse your crystals
– How to communicate with crystals

Applications of crystal usage in daily life, such as:
i. How to charge your drinking water with crystals
ii. How to attract abundance into your life with crystals
iii. How to programme crystal into a protective talisman
iv. How to meditate and balance your chakras i.e. healing, with crystals
v. How to infuse and energize your medicine, beauty products with crystals

Abundance Exchange: HKD 480

(Special promotion for both classes 101+102 @ HKD 850 only!)

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– 如何選擇水晶 (感受或感覺、形態、外觀、用途、靈性特質、目的、等等)
– 替水晶清洗及充能
– 了解一些常用水晶的特質與功用
– 為水晶重置、指令、及注入能量
– 與水晶溝通

日常生活中應用水晶的方法, 例如:
i. 應用水晶去為飲用水充能
ii. 應用水晶去吸引財富
iii. 指令水晶作為一個護物符
iv. 配合水晶去靜坐及平衡脈輪 (水晶治療)
v. 利用水晶去為藥物或護膚產品充能

豐盛往來: HKD 480

特別優惠 同時報讀101+102課,只需 HKD 850。

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Batch 2: May 15, 2016 (Sun) 2:30p.m. – 5:30p.m.

Venue: Reflections, Sheung Wan

Batch 1: Sept 20, 2014 (Sat) 2:30p.m. – 5:30p.m.

“Gift of Nature” is a series of classes aimed to introduce the handy items that would positively facilitate our well-being in both physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

The Healing Magic of Crystals

Having much love with the crystals but do not know how to work with them? Come to this in depth class to learn healing with your crystals.

The class will be separated into two parts. The first part, we will be developing our skills of activating the energies within crystals into a space or into a sacred zone of healing. We can channel the energies from the crystal into a room, and the people within the room could be healed and aligned to those energies. We may also put crystals on or around a person at a particular way, to create a sacred zone for them to heal.

The second part of the class, we will be working with crystal wands mainly. Crystal wands are one of the best tools for healing. The energy of crystal wands is directional. We can use the wand to direct higher vibrations in a person, or to direct overwhelmed energies back into the ground. We will also learn to harmonize, or to fix a disconnected energy grids within our light-bodies.

What you would need in the class (Compulsory):

– your own choice of 7 crystals for the 7 chakras

– a crystal wand (an ideal size of at least 3 inches)

– 1 piece of rose quartz around 1.5~2 inches large

– 1 piece of black tourmaline around 1.5~2 inches large

*Optional items to bring along:

– crystal pendulums

– 6~8 pieces of same kind of crystal for setting up sacred zone

– your own collection of crystals

*Participants can also purchase crystal stones that are available in Reflections







– 你所選擇代表七輪的七種水晶

– 水晶治療棒 (理想尺寸為3寸以上)

– 一件粉晶,約1.5~2寸大

– 一件黑碧茜,約1.5~2寸大


– 水晶靈擺

– 6~8 同種類及尺寸的水晶作神聖空間

– 你的水晶珍藏


豐盛往來: HKD 480

特別優惠 同時報讀101+102課,只需 HKD 850。

參加課程: Whatsapp 6522 0200 /



Jerry is a natural clairvoyance and clairsentience. His ability reveals energies & vibrations in fractal grid lines and codes. He is able to perform healing through unifying and aligning our energy grids through toning, special hand gestures, and intuitive sketch.

Starting from 2005, Jerry provides psychic readings and spiritual development classes in different countries. Through the years he is well-trained through immense studies with different Masters, on Taoism, Buddhism, Energy healing, Angel & Crystal therapy, Shamanic Journeys, etc. He is now recognized and credited by his one-of-his-kind channeling sessions and classes, sharing his unique understanding to the Spirit world.

Fully utilizing all his techniques, Jerry’s consultation is truthful, insightful, yet gentle. He is an exceptional & life-changing healer, his sincerity and humility are well applauded.