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October 2020 Meditation Evenings


Metta Meditation

Discover How the Practice of Loving Kindness Meditation Can Open The Doors of Bliss, Joy and Compassion in Your Life!

Facilitator: Ruby T Ong

October 22 (Thurs) 7 pm – 8:30 pm

Love Offering ~ By donation

In this evening, we will explore some simple meditation techniques before delving into the profundity and the benefits of the Metta Meditation

Metta is an ancient Pali / Buddhist word that means – universal love and goodwill, universal friendliness or Loving Kindness. It means compassion and kindness that is extended towards all beings without any exceptions whatsoever.

The Metta meditation or Loving Kindness meditation is among the most ancient Buddhism meditation practices. It has been passed on through 2500 years.

It is a Buddhist meditation technique to develop the positive feelings of love, compassion and friendliness towards ourselves, as well as others. But one does not have to be a Buddhist in order to learn it. 


Gonging In The Winds of Change


with Ruby T Ong & Chiu Lai Kuen
Gong Whisperer          Acutonics Sound Healer

October 28, 2020 (Wed) 7:15 pm – 8:45 pm

Energy exchange: HK$333

We are in a period of time when, world-wide, great changes are taking place.  It is said that an “initiation” of planetary-mind is in process.  This is considered by many to be the best opportunity to spiritualize matters of life and create a quantum shift in humanity, as well as our individual well-being.

Join us in this evening of cosmic sound … experience the vibrational healing of the Symphonic gong, Wind Gong, Acutonics Chimes and tuning forks, rainstick and other sacred instruments. 

Come with an open heart and an open ear.  Allow the gong waves and the vibratory experiences to enhance the flow of your circulatory system, uplift you by clearing out negative emotional patterns and provide a new opening where you can be more present and conscious. 

You will lie down or sit comfortably and begin with mindful relaxed breathing holding a personal intention or just BE-ing.  Then, the gong playing begins.  At first you will hear soft gong sounds, and as you listen carefully, you will become aware of the many tones within the one sound.  The sounds will become louder and louder, and wash over and around you creating waves that carry you into the past, the future, and even to other worlds.

*Pre-registration is recommended as this event tends to fill!  

**For your comfort, please bring yoga mat, blanket, cushion and plenty of water to drink.

***Please arrive 10 minutes before the program starts.   A light snack will be shared after the gong bath. 


To join the Metta Meditation and / or The Gong Bath Sound Journey,  Please call Reflections on 2504 1333.  Whatsapp Ruby T Ong 9401 4713