ONLINE PRIVATE SESSIONS with Dr Shé D’Montford – the Metaphysical Master

During these unusual times, we are still here to serve you!

October 13 – 20, 2020

HK Time   From 3:30 pm – 7 pm

HK$1400 for 60 mins

The knowledge you gain from a psychic reading not only answers questions, it can also help you to better understand your journey through life.

A good reading leaves you feeling empowered –
A good reading should never make you feel afraid.

Discover yourself. Your life is in your own hands, understand how to regain control.

We all desire to understand ourselves better and we all want to know what all of our possible futures may hold for us.

Shé sees her work as healing your life, so that you can become a fully empowered and clear individual.

Her experience, psychic abilities, intuitions and learned skills can help you to understand the direction in which you are travelling, assist with your health, finances, relationships, problems and it can help you find the correct path to your higher purpose as you experience brilliantly clear insight.

As a psychic, Shé can give you a very accurate picture of your future, finances, love-life and health.

About Shé D’Montford

Known as the little ‘Aussie Nostradamus’, Dr. Shé (pronounced Shay) D`Montford, is a Teacher, Healer, Author, Promoter, and Activist. 

A former Queensland Business Woman of the Year, she is the founding editor of Spellcraft magazine Australia`s premier periodical for the occult and esoteric.

At a very early age Shé was regarded as a child prodigy because of the exceptional scholastic abilities she displayed. When she was only 10 years old, she was so deeply interested in religious studies; her family felt that her career path lay within the church. But at age 12, strange things started to happen around her that threw her career plans into total confusion. Unexplainable things began to occur around the home. Disembodied knocking and rappings in the walls, objects jumped off shelves, while other objects suddenly vanished and then reappeared in a different location. Dr. D`Montford is the head of the Australian Shambhallah Awareness Centre Pagan Church and holds an honorary degree in philosophy, specializing in Tibetan and Hindu Shamanism. Shé learned these psychic secrets from traditional indigenous shaman from 3 continents.

To book a session with Dr. D`Montford please whatsapp Ruby T  Ong on  9401 4713. 

Let us know your preferred date and time for the session. 

Advanced payment is required.  Bank account details will be provided for easy bank transfer.   

After settlement of payment, we will inform you of Shé ’s skype address.  

Shé  is immensely popular and appointments get snapped up, so be sure to book your personal reading with her early!