Dream-catcher Crafting Workshohp with Reikara

Dream-catcher Crafting Workshop

with Reikara

June 13, 2020 (Saturday) 2 pm – 6 pm

Dream-catcher is one of the most popular spiritual craft in the Native American culture. They are hanged above our beds for pleasant and peaceful sleeps. The natives believed that good and bad dreams float in the air of the night. The special spider web shape of the dream-catcher will allow good dream to travel through and gently fall onto the person. Nightmares will get
caught up in the net losing their way, then the next morning they shall be burnt away by the first light.

Nowadays there are many different designs and patterns of dream-catcher. One of the similarity is that, there would be only one center point in the middle, which implies that there is only one god in the world.

Reikara learnt to make dream-catcher in the United Kingdom. In this workshop, she will be sharing her experience and understanding of the dream-catcher. Through a meditation, she will guide us to purify and clear our materials and tools that we use for crafting. The process of crafting the dream-catcher is also a practice of stillness and concentration. It is also a form of stillness meditation to release our random thoughts and stress in our daily life.

Dream-catcher has life span and has to be replaced from time to time. If you feel that the dream-catcher has been ware off by the lower energies they hold, you may have to dispose and change a new one. The life span varies from few months to a year or so.

Reikara will be teaching different kinds of weaving pattern of the dream-catcher in the cumulative 3 classes. If you would like to get more than one dream-catcher (for yourself or for friends), you may consider the discounted package.

Abundance Exchange: HK$588
*Crafting tools will be shared during the class. Materials will be provided for 1 x around 13cm dream-catcher with metal ring.




Reikara is a natural clairvoyant, medium, psychic healer. She is raised in the outlying island of Hong Kong, having an extremely strong connection with our Mother Nature. Her ability allows her to channel through clear and precise vision and messages, and gives proper advices for your highest good in any situation. She is also trained in a Shamanic way, to energetically clear
away clusters of negative thoughts, blockage and resistance. She acts as a Light-bringer in life, piercing through the dark moments and allow you to see a bright light on your road.

Private Sessions
Reikara is equipped with many kinds of skills and modalities. She will listen to the call from the Spirit and decide a best way to assist you. You may expect the following in her sessions:

– Shamanic journeys to the lower, middle and upper world
– Psychic visionary reading /projections
– Connection and messages from your power animals / spiritual teachers
– Energy clearing / Energy balancing techniques
– Crystal connections and messages
– Card reading

Abundance Exchange
HK$ 788 / 60 mins

To sign up for the Dream-catcher workshop or book a session with Reikara, please call Reflections at 2504 1333 or Email to info@reflections.com.hk or Whatsapp Ruby 9401 4713