In response to a lengthy, multiple questions posed by a student about her encounters with spiritual guides during a healing session, I humbly answered the following :

It’s all about consciousness …

It is advisable that when giving Sekhem healing, empty yourself to a state of void 空, let go of any expectation, so~called knowledge, former experiences as they will affect the healing process.

I understand that there are many newly awakened souls who are hungry for more and more so~called spiritual knowledge. The thing is as you delved into more studies, more readings… you may end up more confused than ever.

In Diamond Sutra 金刚经, Buddha said : read, learn as many sutras as you can… BUT (I know I told you guys not to have many Buts😉) at the end, throw away all the sutras you have learned, empty yourself 🙏

You will go crazy by connecting to so many deities… there may be time when you don’t know the deity with you is genuine or just a playful and naughty spirit 😉…

清靜 state of tranquility and purity is what we need to aim for.

Having said this, each of us has our spiritual path to tread, maybe there are spiritual seekers who like to take detours, and there is nothing wrong … it just will take longer to reach his/her ultimate goals …I.e., if there is any😉

Once again Gautama Buddha told his disciples : chairavati, chairavati… move on, move on…

In my humble opinion, our ultimate goal should be to be a lighthouse ~ shining light upon ourselves and be a light to others.

One can learn more by going into silence 寂靜

Hahaha … after reading my long message … at the end, erase my message.

… erase what I said IF I have said anything at all 😉