with Chiu Lai Kuen

Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner / Acutonics® Sound Healing Therapist

December 18, 2021 (Sat) 10:30 am – 4:30 pm

Exchange Abundance: HK$680

Donna Eden, Master Teacher Healer and Founder of Eden Energy Medicine, (aka EEM, the Eden Method), has the gift of clairvoyantly seeing the body’s subtle energies from childhood. After having healed herself from a debilitating illness, she has embarked on a 40-year (and ongoing) journey to teach people to reclaim health and empower themselves for joy and vitality.

She has categorized the body’s complex, multi-layered energy anatomy into nine primary inter-related systems. While some are widely known such as the meridians, the chakras and the aura, other energy systems such as Radiant Circuits, Celtic Weave, Electrics and the Basic Grid are not as widely recognized.

In this 4-hour interactive workshop, Chiu offers you a closer look at all nine systems that Donna recognizes by energy testing them. Chiu would also teach a Daily Energy Routine (DER) for you to do everyday in less than 10 minutes, to help bring your body’s energies into harmony and cohesion, allowing your body’s innate healing power to flourish.


  • Integrative Energy Medicine & Acutonics® HK$1350 for 1 – 1.5 hr (including consultation)
  • Astrotonics HK$1800 for 2 hrs (inclusive of preparation of natal astrological chart  before the healing session.  Client needs to provide DOB, time and place)
  • Rose of Sophia® HK$1800 for 2 hrs (inclusive of preparation of natal astrological chart before the healing session. Client needs to provide DOB, time and place)

 *Prerequisite: Client is advised to receive a healing session of Integrated Energy Medicine and Acutonics before booking a session of Astrotonics or Rose of Sophia®, this is to prepare the energetic bodies of the client for the shift that the healing will bring about on the soul realm.

Chiu Lai-Kuen has studied under Donna Eden and her faculty and completed a 4-year training programme in the US to become an Advanced Practitioner of the Eden Method. She is passionate in following Donna’s mission of empowering people to tune into the wisdom of the body’s energy to become and stay vital, healthy and joyful.

To join the workshop and/or book a private session with Ms Chiu, please call Reflections on 2504 1333 Whatsapp Ruby T Ong 9401 4713 Chiu L K 9673 8077