Coincidence or not, or is it synchronicity at work? My part-time staff Winnie, an IT major and website designer sent me an e-mail 2 weeks ago to tell me that she had developed a new design for Reflections website, and all she needs from me is to take a look and write a Welcome Message. She added that the old message is ‘antique’ already, it needs a change.

If this happened years ago, I would be very upset and irritated, why? Because I am the boss here, the director, I should be in control and on top of everything! However, I didn’t feel that way. I felt so blessed to have her on board as our staff, I felt she is a God-sent angel, taking the initiative to re-design our website which had been the same for past 7 years – except for the monthly programme!

In a way, the new website is a wonderful gift to coincide with Reflections’ 10th anniversary!

Our old website also had a story behind it. After we opened in 1998, I never thought of having a website simply because I don’t know much about computer, surfing… until one day a young boy came to Reflections to shop around, after chatting with my former staff, he offered to design our website. He even took the trouble of bringing a camera to take the photos, setting up the products for photo shooting… helping us look for a domain and host (whatever those are, I don’t have a clue at that time). He asked me what I like to see before people can enter the website, I told him: Eagle and Angel. Within weeks, the website is ready to go into public with an Eagle soaring up and an angel flying in. This young boy today is a young man, I am sure many of you had met him, his name is Kryon Yau who is running his own holistic center in Kowloon, it’s called Divine – The Spiritual Shop.

I am deeply grateful to the Universe for always bringing me the right people at the right time.
Enjoy the Ride, Go with the Flow

So now please visit our new website

Much love

Ruby T Ong

P S: Through my PR consultancy M V Reach Communications, we are setting up Reflections Multimedia Solutions to undertake projects such as website design, production of promo materials for clients, especially for those who are one-person band in business. Please call us on 2504 1333 / 2512 0347, we will do our best to help you.

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