Connie Angel Medium (June 6-11)


With Connie Angel Medium

Clairvoyant Medium

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June 6 – 11, 2016


June 6 (Mon)   7:15 pm – 8:45 pm        FREE INTRODUCTION EVENING 

In this evening, empathetic healer Connie will share with us how she started connecting with Spirits at the age of six, and how life has unfolded since she started giving readings to clients in need of healing and love. She will also describe the details of the different workshops that she will be conducting during her visit.


June 8 (Wed) 7 pm – 10 pm       PSYCHIC PROTECTION        HK$444 

EnergyA relaxed and friendly workshop to help build inner strength. Learn some basic and effective psyche-protective tips and techniques in order to avoid feeling energetically drained.

Knowing how to protect our self energetically could only take 3 – 5 minutes of your time and keep you healthy and energetically strong and protected


June 11 (Sat)    10 am – 5 pm        HK$1350


Tarot Cards

Throughout the course, awareness of your psychic development is key and this will assist you in learning to read the cards and their interpretations. Connie will help you learn this ancient art of divination by showing the many different spreads, pictures, colours and decks. The workshop will be conducted in a fun, engaging, lively, exciting and comprehensive way.


** Participants may bring their own tarot deck.



HK$750 for 30-min session    

HK$1350 for 1-hr session


1.Tarot Reading


2. Mediumship

Receive messages from someone who had crossed over (with precise information or evidential proof).


3. Psychometry

In this session, Connie will pick up the feelings and associations relating to the object and awaken different responses from the article/object . She will give you a detailed and insightful commentary by ‘tuning in’ to the object’s energetic vibrations and tell you its unique story.


4. Clairvoyance

As a clairvoyant medium, Connie can see clearly what is ahead of you and provide guidance to help you prepare and plan and, maybe at times, decide to change direction when options are available to you. .


5. Psychometry Reading

A beautiful experience of witnessing harvested information from a personal belonging from either yourself or someone else. You will not be asked any question, the object’s energy will communicate with Connie-Angel who will relay the information to you.


6. Angel Reading

Using a set of Angel cards or at times without cards, the Angel reading is an angel communication and interpretation with messages that are uplifting and positive.


Experience an Angel reading if you want intuitive and true guidance from the archangels to simplify life for you. The Angel reading brings hope and light through spiritual connection, trust and belief. The Angels are 100% love.


7. 1-hr Reiki Healing

A gentle and non-invasive healing. Hands on therapy … almost just like a battery charger helping the system of a human body by boosting the energies physical, emotional and mental, to restore to balance and harmony


About Connie

Connie is a medium, spiritual guide and coach with over 30 years of experience working with angels and spirits. As an experienced platform medium in different public forums, she appears regularly at several spiritualist churches in London. Connie is passionate about working with the realm of angels. Through angelic communication and connection she has provided assistance to countless numbers of people.

Throughout the years of her life journey, Connie discovered that the most beautiful thing any person can possess is their own identity, their own self and the ability to grow from the beauty inside.


To join the free introductory evening, workshops and / or book a private session with Connie Angel, please call Reflections on 2504 1333. Whatsapp Ruby T Ong 9401 4713 / 5960 1424