NEW LIFE NEW BEGINNING Festive Celebration (20 Dec 2012)


Join us to celebrate … 


A Festive Evening of Inspirational Divine Messages from the Angelic Realm,

Significance of 12.20.12 based on Chaldean Numerology…


   Gong Concert (2 – 3 pcs  32″ Paiste Symphonic Gongs),

    X’mas carols, Group OM Meditation, ‘Oasis’ Dancing and Raks Rafiki Drumming …


December 20, 2012      7:45 pm – 9:45 pm


6/F Exhibition Hall

Sheung Wan Civic Centre, Hong Kong

345 Queen’s Road Central


Exchange Abundance:  HK$111


MC:  Ms Josephine Chai


The time is now, when memories are being restored, to remember divine identities from within

and flow with feelings of oneness with Divine Universal Consciousness.

Allow this sacred event to bathe your consciousness with vibrations of Divine Love.



A rare planetary alignment will occur during the winter solstice (it occurs every 24,000 years), at the end of the day December 20 2012, at midnight. 
Be part of this event, together we will collectively chant the sacred sound of the universe ‘OM’ to close 2012 on a vibration of all-encompassing unconditional love for all sentient life ! 
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